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Scientists say the soul doesn’t die and returns to the universe

The existence of the soul, and whether it is immortal or not, has polarized great thinkers from both the philosophic-theological and scientific camps. The “physicalists” (those who hold that everything about us, from consciousness to higher rationality, can be explained by biochemical processes) are quick to say that the phenomenon of consciousness does not emanate...


Let us embrace the 4 Ls of life

The Four Ls of life are: to Live, Learn, Love, and Laugh. They embody a good, godly, and happy life. From my own life’s “wandering and wondering,” I’ve reached one profound realization: Rather than loathe the present disappointments or be anxious about the future, it is more meaningful to just experience life, learn and grow...


Holy Week is Prayer Week

‘Tis the season of prayer as we’re into the most hallowed part of the year, the Holy Week. There is no arguing it: We can never underestimate the immense power of prayer. Having spent a considerable number of years in a seminary and almost completing a priestly formation, I can only reminisce, with nostalgic yearning,...


Love and near-death experience

I wrote this piece four days before Valentine’s Day, when, once again, all eyes, ears, and heartbeats are riveted on the theme of love, romantic or otherwise. But for this piece, I’m veering away from the romantic or paltry thoughts and notions about love. I’m zeroing in on the transcendent character of love—that it exists...


4 things to remember when depressed

Have you ever experienced “bottom-stuck” moments, or been pinned down by tragedy or misfortune, hopelessness and depression, pain and struggle?  Here are some bottom-line truths to remember. 1. Nothing is permanent and there is no such thing as “bottomless” or “bottom-most.” Remember this: No matter how miserable or seemingly fateful your current situation, it is...


How to set yourself up for success

For most people, there’s no arguing that success is a magnificent obsession. It’s a powerful psychological driver, not just because you find self-worth in your achievements but also because of the value society places on them. But it’s good to remind yourself that success isn’t a one-size-fits-all scenario. There’s no general formula of success for...


Yin-Yang: finding balance and harmony

Sages and philosophers say that having balance and harmony is one pervading aspiration, if not imperative, in life. And such a path is embodied in one of the world’s most famous symbols: the yin and yang. Yin-yang is a central tenet in Lao Tzu’s Daoism, the philosophy that there is a right way to live...