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Soviet ‘hypnotist’ and US ‘mystics’ in a 93-day chess duel to remember

Chess legend Anatoly Karpov has “many memories” of the Philippines, including what is regarded as the most entertaining, if not bizarre, World Chess Championship match in history that was held in Baguio City 45 years ago. The match that took three months—July 18-Oct. 18, 1978—was between Karpov, then the 27-year-old titleholder from the then Union...


Looking for the next Eugene Torre

In a society where attitudes and behaviors are easily swayed by what’s viral or trending on social media, the 1,500-year-old board game called chess might help improve how people approach some of the most pressing and complex issues, mold them to be better observers, and improve their critical thinking.   But first, the Philippines needs...