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The crisis in Philippine education began 120 years ago

In the results of the 2022 Pisa study on the state of learning and equity in education worldwide released last Dec. 5, the average scores of Filipino 15-year-old students were about the same as those in 2018.  There was no significant change in the rankings of students scoring below a baseline level of proficiency (Level...


‘Water crisis’: Government has no integrated water infrastructure program

(Last of two parts) ‘Water crisis’: No cause for worry yet, authorities say The first order of business is for the Metropolitan Waterworks and Sewerage System (MWSS) to put its foot down every time the two water concessionaires close their valves to repair pipes and clean filters during the dry season, according to an activist...


In 2022, crisis in incomes and jobs pummeled labor sector

Despite the economy’s recovery from the recession induced by the pandemic, workers faced a worsening crisis in incomes and jobs in 2022. Thus, while businesses were slowly recuperating, formal and informal workers continued bleeding from wage and income erosion, job losses, and a fall in employment quality. Inflation climbed steadily for the whole year, from...