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Finding our way to happiness amid life’s difficulties

In my study of philosophy, I have learned from a few thinkers and philosophers who wrestled with finding meaning—and, thus, happiness—in the hardness of life, whence struggles and challenges are “sine qua non” (literally, “cannot be without”). The German existentialist philosopher Friedrich Nietzsche, in positing that humans suffer for a reason, argued that we can...


How to set yourself up for success

For most people, there’s no arguing that success is a magnificent obsession. It’s a powerful psychological driver, not just because you find self-worth in your achievements but also because of the value society places on them. But it’s good to remind yourself that success isn’t a one-size-fits-all scenario. There’s no general formula of success for...


Coming home to Manila in the pandemic: inward journeys

SYDNEY—“This is your captain speaking. We shall soon commence our descent into Melbourne …” I felt a lump in my throat. Every year when I visit my daughter here, I make a side trip to Victoria’s capital to see a dear friend from college. The pandemic paused the practice, and now, after three years, I...