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My island of Marinduque is a bleeding heart

I grew up on an island whose tale begins with love and ends with death.  Scientists would scoff and tell a completely different story. How could they believe an island would rise above the tides as a memorial to the forbidden love of a princess and a commoner, who sailed together across unforgiving seas and...


5 Christmas parties while exploring for mines in 3 countries

Many Filipinos overseas yearn for Christmas in the motherland, and in my years working abroad, I’ve had to forgo that simple pleasure.    But December 1993 was probably my best, celebrating it with five parties in three countries which are not even Christian. Although our work in Thailand was winding up, we went to Laos, across...


‘People power’ in protected lands in Sibuyan and Brooke’s Point

As though enjoying newfound freedom, some mining companies have aggressively expanded operations in the past several months, cutting down trees and carving roads deep into the Philippine forests, sometimes without permits from the authorities.   Riled by the reckless disregard of the law, some local folk living in protected lands have resorted to “people power” to...