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A meditation on technology and humanity

There is much talk these days about how artificial intelligence or AI could threaten human existence. AI is feared to achieve such a high degree of self-learning that it will surpass human intelligence and may consider us a threat and turn upon us. Really now?  Certainly, the importance of AI in our lives is impossible...


Life with cell tower: Safe technology pushed amid industry rush

(Last of two parts) Life with cell tower: Folks wary of metallic neighbor CITY OF CALAPAN, Oriental Mindoro—When Rosendo Rojas came home from a month-long vacation in Tarlac to vote in last year’s May elections, he was startled by an unlikely neighbor beyond his fence: A rising telecommunications tower. Rojas and the other residents of...


Life with cell tower: Folks wary of metallic neighbor

(First of two parts) Life with cell tower: Safe technology pushed amid industry rush CITY OF CALAPAN, Oriental Mindoro—As far back as Genita Romero could recall, it was in the 1990s when her family’s health troubles began: Her 84-year-old mother Rosita had been plagued with tuberculosis, while her children had abscesses in the groin that...


New Year’s Day air space shutdown a ‘blessing in disguise’?

Sen. Miguel Zubiri was close to bursting into an incredulous laugh when he heard that very sensitive air navigation equipment worth billions of pesos wasn’t being monitored by even inexpensive closed-circuit television (CCTV) cameras that he himself has all over his house in Cagayan de Oro City. The Senate president was unpleasantly surprised by one...


Oxytocin and a smooth talker are the drivers behind romance scams

“Michelle” would have known it was one of the popular cons had she read more about it sooner, but “Perry” was one smooth operator. Waking up after half a sedative pill had sent her to la la land, she put two and two together. She’d fallen hook, line, and sinker for a romance scam, and...


Cyberattacks rising in the Philippines

A week ago, “Marie,” a resident of Quezon City, was preparing to share a funny YouTube video with her friends on Facebook. Her smile turned into a frown when she was told to log in.  For over 10 years, Marie, 40, had not logged out, and could not readily remember her log-in details. While looking for them, she...