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What it’s like in the WOMB

“It’s a struggle!” When one said that in the ‘70s and ‘80s, they would most certainly have been referring to any of the multifront resistance groups against Ferdinand Marcos Sr.’s dictatorship, martial law, and the assassination of the opposition leader and former senator Benigno “Ninoy” Aquino Jr. Today, when spoken by some members of the...


Forum on women’s movement against gender-based violence

Stories of local and global practices in the movement against violence against women and gender-based violence will be shared by three resource persons in the first Maureen C. Pagaduan Memorial Public Forum Series on Nov. 18, Saturday, 1-4 p.m., at the University of the Philippines’ College of Social Work and Community Development in Diliman, Quezon...


Punlaan School provides fertile ground for women empowerment

Long before women empowerment became a global movement, Filipino women had been holding their own in the home and the community. In precolonial times, they held equal status with men. Colonizers may have redefined their role in society, but they strove to defy their demotion, asserting their rights and capabilities while rallying around one another. ...


4 Chinese women show social context of deployment of beauty

Women’s agency is illustrated in how they deploy their beauty as cultural capital. But they do so amid certain factors, which shape, facilitate, and even constrain such deployment.  In China, as shown by four famous Chinese women, the deployment of beauty lies at the intersection between individual agency and social, cultural, and even political structures:...


Music sassy, raucous and tender

Strong women (from left) Skarlet, Celin Cristobal and Gou de Jesus sing of tough love and other quirks of the human condition to an overflow crowd at UP Diliman’s University Hotel on March 9, a day after International Women’s Day.  Voices sharply honed despite the long pandemic lull, they keep the music playing and the...


Sisterhood produces sculpture of connections

To mark its 90 years as a sorority of empowered women, the University of the Philippines’ Sigma Delta Phi (SDP) pooled its talents and resources in partnering with the state university to bring into sculptural form the characteristics that make the Filipino woman and the connections that she makes possible.  Envisioned as a work by...


She shows the way to volunteerism and empowerment

On International Women’s Day, Patreng Non easily comes to mind as a Filipino woman who constantly strives to help, to empower, and to make a difference. It would seem that Patreng—formally Ana Patricia—is everywhere. Last month, the 27-year-old founder of the Maginhawa Community Pantry was busy going to and from San Jose in Nueva Ecija,...