Unhappy Heart and the loudest whisper

Is it literally the seven-year itch? Heart Evangelista and her husband, Sen. Chiz Escudero, recently celebrated their seventh wedding anniversary, but the loudest whisper these days is that their marriage is on the rocks.

Adding to the intrigue was GMA Network’s supposed impending official announcement on the alleged breakup. But according to entertainment writer Dave Rojo, who is privy to goings-on in Channel 7, it’s not true that an official statement on the issue is forthcoming from the network.

On Facebook on Friday night, Rojo urged gossipmongers to cool it and not expect anything on the matter announced on the network’s “24 Oras” newscast. 

Heart Evangelista and Chiz Escudero —DAVE ROJO

“Is it now a fad for celebrity breakups to require a teaser before they’re broadcast?” remarked Rojo in Filipino. As a consequence, he said, “the shortages in the supply of rice, salt, sugar and onions have been robbed of the spotlight.” 

He continued: “Well, gossiping is more important for us Filipinos. It wards off stress and lets us momentarily forget that we have nothing to eat anymore.” 

Mum’s the word

Both Heart and Chiz are mum on the issue.

But in her vlog, Heart confessed: “I’m not going to deny, I’ve been going through some personal struggles like I feel a lot of pressure in my life, and basically now, I’m really in a search of just being happy.”

After that revelation on social media, she was reported to have shed tears during a photoshoot in Paris. It wasn’t certain if the crying was connected to her admitted angst. 

There was no comment from Chiz, the pride of the province of Sorsogon.

But someone was moved to quip: “Heart Evangelista cried during a pictorial in Paris, France. Oh no, who won’t cry these days? All the things to buy are [expensive]. You are not alone, Heart. Unity only for the eyes that are crying.”

Rojo, who has been taking stock of Heart’s current situation, wondered: “Is it true that Chiz Escudero is having an affair?”

Rojo said he had read about the rumor somewhere. “If it’s true, he’s lucky if he’s found a new girl prettier,” the entertainment writer said of Escudero in Filipino. “As a matter of fact, he’s the least handsome among the men who were linked to Heart, if you compare him with Daniel Matsunaga and Jericho Rosales. Chiz must be thankful he’s a senator.”


Rojo surmised that Heart would get another dressing down from her mother, who she supposedly defied in the past.

“Chiz has promised Heart that he will become president by 2016, and then she will be addressed as ‘First Lady,’” Rojo quoted Heart’s mother as having said in 2013. “This is pure seduction…” he said, adding that “Heart believed this and other claims made by her then boyfriend, without any evidence.”

Rojo also quoted Heart’s mother as saying in 2013 that “her daughter has been diagnosed as a needy personality, but she refused psychiatric treatment,” and that “she is easily swayed by people who prey on her insecurities and lack of confidence.”

“Oh, well. That’s the life of the rich and famous that we the hoi polloi are just dipping into,” Rojo said.

Crosses to bear

In no time at all, comments on Rojo’s statements flew thick and fast online. 

“She’s not fabulously rich, she’s [just pretending],” said a netizen, one among many, prompting Rojo to remark that “these people have lost their soul.” 

“Hoooy!” interposed movie reporter Erlinda Rapadas T. in Filipino. “Even when Heart wasn’t an actress yet … her family was already rich! Her wealth doesn’t come from Chiz. Heart’s net worth is millions.” 

Said netizen Rosanna Millar Barrera, also in Filipino: “Rich or poor, all have a cross to bear… No exemption. This is life.”

Rojo agreed, saying that “each one of us has struggles in life.” He added: “Heart may not be filthy rich, but she is famous. That’s okay, more than all of us who aren’t rich and popular. Hahaha!”

It has also been reported that Heart doesn’t wear her wedding ring anymore. So what’s going on? 

Yet, for all that, it is hoped that what’s rattling the Chiz-Heart bond is a mere challenge to their relationship.

Boy Villasanta writes an entertainment column in the weekly OpinYon (https://opinyon.net). —Ed.

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