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My babies forever and always

I remember a rainy afternoon. I was sitting next to the window, drinking hot chocolate as an alternative to coffee because I was pregnant with my fourth child. I stared outside and watched the raindrops falling to the ground. I could hear my three other children laughing and playing in the living room. On some...


Syrup’s recall a warning on what we give our kids

Back when we were children, our parents made sure we took our multivitamin and mineral supplements every day. It was generally deemed good practice: Vitamins and minerals are believed essential for life, and deficiency in one or more may lead to various ailments. Today’s parents still hold to this belief, but a growing number of...


To help ailing children and others disadvantaged

In 2010, moved only by a need to find a job (having been unemployed for more than five years), I accepted the position of executive director of a 40-year-old company called United Way Philippines Inc. (UWPI). At first, I thought it was some pharmaceutical or pyramiding firm. It turned out to be a non government...