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How decluttering helps ease mind and heart

Who wouldn’t want a house that’s free of clutter? Why not dispose of the things that have been gathering dust and eating up space for years and years? Easier said than done, of course, because what might be clutter for others is a trove of special memories for you. Many of us have heard of...


My understanding of economics

High prices often confront us. Government is trying to control inflation, which is increasing beyond its desired levels—an ideal of about 2% annually but currently is about 9%. Why do prices increase and why do they drop? Why do things appreciate and increase in value over time? Why do they depreciate?  Market forces, we are...


Small dogs are all the rage, but think twice before buying these fur babies

You often see them in malls and other public places looking so cute and cuddly. But laying aside their lovable appearance, is the proliferation of small dog breeds anything to be worried about?  Of course, each one of us is free to choose the kind of pet and breed that we want to bring home...


Love and near-death experience

I wrote this piece four days before Valentine’s Day, when, once again, all eyes, ears, and heartbeats are riveted on the theme of love, romantic or otherwise. But for this piece, I’m veering away from the romantic or paltry thoughts and notions about love. I’m zeroing in on the transcendent character of love—that it exists...


4 things to remember when depressed

Have you ever experienced “bottom-stuck” moments, or been pinned down by tragedy or misfortune, hopelessness and depression, pain and struggle?  Here are some bottom-line truths to remember. 1. Nothing is permanent and there is no such thing as “bottomless” or “bottom-most.” Remember this: No matter how miserable or seemingly fateful your current situation, it is...


How to set yourself up for success

For most people, there’s no arguing that success is a magnificent obsession. It’s a powerful psychological driver, not just because you find self-worth in your achievements but also because of the value society places on them. But it’s good to remind yourself that success isn’t a one-size-fits-all scenario. There’s no general formula of success for...


Despite controversy, the appeal of beauty contests does not wane

Filipino American Miss USA R’Bonney Gabriel clinched the 2022 Miss Universe crown, but suspicions are being aired against the organization that made her the new queen of the universe in its 71st year. Critics are saying that the Miss Universe Organization, now owned by transgender businesswoman Anne Jakkapong Jakrajutatip, had a hand in Gabriel’s proclamation as...


The Year of the Rabbit is ‘a year of recovery’

The Year of the Water Rabbit starts on Jan. 22 and ends on Feb. 9, 2024. And even with the traditional fireworks display, dragon and lion dance, red envelopes and family feasts, the celebration will not be complete without a glimpse of what the lunar new year will bring.  According to Hanz Cua, one of...


Do you see what I see?

For people around the world, Christmas is a season of anticipation, joy, gifts and celebration. For others, it represents a season of loss, loneliness, isolation and sadness. For many others, it’s both. How do you see it? “Do you see what I see?” is a question asked in a popular Christmas carol. It refers to...