In the Year of the Wood Dragon, ‘our success rests in our hands’

In the Year of the Wood Dragon, ‘our success rests in our hands’
Statues are available for those who want to ward off negative energy and bring good luck and fortune in their lives. —PHOTOS BY CHRISTINE ANG-BUBAN

A fast-paced year of opportunities and challenges: This is how feng shui master Hanz Cua describes the coming Year of the Wood Dragon. 

Chinese New Year 2024, which starts on Feb. 10, is very different from the past Rabbit year, according to Cua. “The Dragon represents assertiveness and energy, in contrast to the Rabbit which is associated with calmness.”

The Wood Dragon is a combination of earth and wood which, Cua says, translates to “a destructive and exhausting cycle.” People need to put in extra effort to withstand the financial difficulties that the year may bring.

There’s a silver lining: Businesses involving the fire element, like automation, artificial intelligence, food, and anything concerning technology and content creation (e.g., vlogging) will be money-making opportunities. But Cua cautions people against venturing into stock market trading if they don’t fully know how it works. 

Social media and technological savvy are what everyone, especially students and workers, should make good use of, says Cua. The impulse to give up when confronted by challenges should be avoided at all costs. He adds: “It’s okay to be competitive and accept responsibilities. There will be plenty of distractions at work or school but being focused on a specific goal, working closely with others, and learning from them will do wonders.”

He advises those belonging to the Dragon and Snake signs to be mindful of their mental and physical health, to exercise a lot, and to interact with other people.

This year will test relationships between friends and lovers, Cua says. He calls for patience and understanding to prevail, especially among those under the Dog, Dragon, Tiger and Monkey signs.

Wood Dragon
Feng Shui master Hanz Cua says we create our own luck and that predictions for the 12 Chinese animal zodiac signs are only guides based on the elements, stars and charts.

Here are Cua’s predictions for the 12 Chinese zodiac signs which, he hopes, will help those in search of good luck. He emphasizes that these are only guides based on the elements, stars and charts. “Hard work and perseverance are still key to creating our own luck,” he declares. “Our success rests in our own hands.”  

Rat: Aside from wearing citrine crystal to attract financial opportunities, this is also a good year for the Rat to penny-pinch and later invest in a money-generating enterprise. There is luck through promotion or salary increase but health-wise the Rat may be accident-prone and suffer from health concerns involving the liver or lungs. Wearing a tiger’s eye crystal bracelet is encouraged. Married couples are urged to help one another in everything they do. Lucky numbers are 3 and 18; lucky colors are white, blue, gold and purple. The months of February, March and July are considered lucky; January, September and November are unlucky.

Ox: Through faith, being grateful, and having well-planned life goals, the Ox could find good fortune. Relationship conflicts may be encountered, but always being around one’s partner could help ease tensions. If an Ox is searching for someone special, lucky charms could help. Health should be a priority this year. Good news involving work or business may be received. Lucky numbers are 3 and 18; lucky colors are maroon and red. The months that will bring luck are April, August and October; unlucky ones are March and December.

Tiger: The Tiger is lucky in love and career this year and should share the luck received to gain more in return. Getting enough exercise to maintain a healthy heart and resting one’s eyes from prolonged exposure to digital devices are necessary. Lucky numbers are 19 and 56; lucky colors are brown, peach and yellow. June, October, and December are lucky months; April and September are unlucky.   

Rabbit: Lucky in love is the Rabbit this year, and so long as achieving one’s goal is the focus, the luck will continue in the form of a successful investment. Physical and mental health may be affected if a good work-life balance is not met. Lucky numbers are 23 and 45; lucky colors are aqua, green and yellow. The months of July, August, September, and November are lucky; the unlucky months are January and October.

Dragon: Good news in the latter half of the year involving the Dragon’s career should be expected. Health problems may be a major issue (which could affect one’s finances), so a visit to the doctor is advised, plus regular physical activity while staying calm and learning to listen. Wearing amulets for health, luck and love may be of help. Lucky numbers are 9 and 17; lucky colors are peach, gold and orange. Lucky months are September, October, December; unlucky months are March and April.

Snake: It’s best for the Snake to be health-conscious this year. Eating unhealthy food (that could also add unwanted pounds) and skipping medications should be avoided. Since the Snake may be accident-prone, wearing an amulet is advised for protection. Saving money and investing would be best instead of overspending on unnecessary things. Misunderstanding due to mood swings and other conditions could affect relationships, but if there’s a chance to travel with one’s partner, this year is the right time. Lucky numbers are 5 and 39; lucky colors are gray, pink and blue. January, July, September and October are considered lucky months, while April and August are unlucky. 

Wood Dragon 2
Feng shui bracelets differ depending on the kind of luck and protection a person needs.

Horse: Trust issues involving money and relationships could be a problem. The Horse should be extra careful in spending and parting with hard-earned cash especially in online transactions. Having a feng shui money bag (which attracts wealth and good luck) at home could help. When it comes to relationships, the Horse should spend a lot of time with one’s partner and get to know them better. Health-wise, the Horse should get enough sleep, eat more vegetables, and be extra careful because they may suffer from head-related injuries. Lucky numbers are 28 and 42; lucky colors are aqua, pink and green. Lucky months are June, July and September; January and April are unlucky.

Goat: Good luck and fortune await the Goat. Relationships will be strengthened if gossip is avoided. It will pay to be understanding and patient to make things work in love, and wearing a rose quartz will also help to avoid negativity in relationships. A health luck amulet should be considered to protect the Goat from gastrointestinal issues. Lucky numbers are 7 and 22; lucky colors are yellow, brown and white. Lucky months are February, July and December; unlucky months are March and August.

Monkey: This year, the Monkey’s long-term success star is strong, signifying good luck in various endeavors. Couples are encouraged to travel together often, and those who are single may meet their partner. Wearing a love bracelet will benefit those already in a relationship or still looking for one. The Monkey should be careful health-wise, especially involving the lungs. An enjoyable outdoor activity like hiking is recommended to help bring out the Monkey’s “happy energy.” Lucky numbers are 5 and 28; lucky colors are yellow, aqua and green. February, March, September and December are lucky months, while July and October are unlucky ones.

Rooster: It’s going to be a good year for the Rooster, largely due to the luck that the Dragon, its best friend, brings. It’s a good time for the Rooster to grab life-changing opportunities but should be wary of investing in risky ventures. Regarding health issues, look out for concerns involving the gallbladder, bones and nerves; for protection, wear health amulets. Being a considerate partner is a must to avoid conflict. The lucky numbers are 7 and 38; lucky colors are brown, pink and violet. Lucky months are March, April and July; unlucky months are January and February.

Dog: The year is a “clash year” for the Dog. A “tai sui” cure is recommended to bring luck to a difficult year. Putting the Dog’s networking and social media skills to good business use is a good step in achieving something fulfilling. For the single Dog, this year may be the chance to meet one’s life partner. For those with weight problems, it’s the best time to shed the extra pounds and consult a doctor to determine any illness. Lucky numbers are 8 and 11; lucky colors are gold, red and yellow. February, March and December are considered lucky; the unlucky months are July and November.

Pig: There will be various opportunities for the Pig to delve into this year, and they will emerge successful. Citrine and tiger’s eye lucky charms are recommended to boost good luck in money matters. On the health front, exercising and getting enough sun should be prioritized, as well as having the liver and kidneys checked by a physician. The Pig has happy and satisfying love stars—good news for both couples and those still looking for love. Wearing the rose quartz mandarin ducks love charm will be a plus factor in creating happy memories. Lucky numbers are 8 and 15; lucky colors are blue, pink and orange. The months of January, March and April are lucky; July and December are unlucky.

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