The Year of the Rabbit is ‘a year of recovery’

Cua_Year of the Rabbit
Feng shui master Hanz Cua describes the Year of the Water Rabbit as a good one for couples who are planning to settle down and for unmarried folks looking for lifelong partners. —PHOTO BY CHARLES E. BUBAN

The Year of the Water Rabbit starts on Jan. 22 and ends on Feb. 9, 2024. And even with the traditional fireworks display, dragon and lion dance, red envelopes and family feasts, the celebration will not be complete without a glimpse of what the lunar new year will bring. 

According to Hanz Cua, one of the sought-after feng shui masters in the Philippines, the Water Rabbit is flirty and a symbol of sex and romance. Thus, this year is considered a good one for those who are single and looking for a life partner as well as for couples who are planning to tie the knot. For those born in the Year of the Rabbit, the Chinese zodiac signs that are compatible with them are the Dog, Pig and Goat.

Married people may be tempted to stray this year, says Cua. If they do not take the high road, he says, the relationship will be sorely tested and end in separation. 

Physical and mental wellbeing should always be top priority, and this year, Cua says, “those under the Rabbit and Rooster signs should be extra careful when it comes to their health.” 

There are many ways to keep healthy: A regular trip to your doctor for a checkup and maintaining an active lifestyle are good first steps. Even having a pet can be beneficial. A 2018 online article in NIH News in Health states: “Interacting with animals has been shown to decrease levels of cortisol (a stress-related hormone) and lower blood pressure. Other studies have found that animals can reduce loneliness, increase feelings of social support, and boost your mood.”

Cua says it’s best to have a dog for a pet because the dog is considered the rabbit’s best friend. 

Travel, business

Year of the Rabbit
Feng shui statues in Cua’s Madaluyong City office are said to bring good luck and prosperity. —PHOTO BY CHARLES E. BUBAN

Since the easing of pandemic-related restrictions, many people have been finalizing travel plans. Cua says it’s the best time to travel for those belonging to the Horse, Rat, and Rabbit signs. But care should be taken by Dragon, Ox, and Rooster travellers. 

Those who value their hard-earned money may invest in property—a move good for all the animal signs this year. Cua says the businesses that will be in demand are those involving the fire element—food, restaurants, sale of LPG and electronic devices like computers, even vlogging. Other businesses seen as profitable are those under the water element—shipping, travel, tourism, couriers and trading.

Some good friends have become bitter enemies, and this year some friendships will be truly strained and ruined by betrayals (the Ox, Tiger, and Rooster should take note). Court cases stemming from conflict and misunderstanding are problems that the Dragon and Snake may face.

The Philippine economy suffered much in the last few years. What can be expected this year?

“Recession will still be an issue especially because the Covid-19 pandemic is still not over,” warns Cua. “But hopefully this year we will be able to see a big improvement [from] last year.” He also considers the Year of the Rabbit as “a year of recovery,” which bodes well for the Philippines and for Filipinos who, he says, should make this year a time to pursue the goals that they failed to achieve in the past.

Like Cua’s hopeful description of the Year of the Water Rabbit, fellow feng shui master Marites Allen says this year is calmer compared to 2022. When asked by CNN Philippines about the geopolitical situation involving the Philippines and its neighbors, Allen said: “There’s going to be more peaceful negotiations rather than arguments because it’s going to hurt the rest of the world. Basically, the leaders could think peaceful negotiations are better.”

It’s always interesting to know what the future has in store for us. Let’s hope that, like the Rabbit, we will remain kind when we get lucky, and calm when our luck falters. 

Guides for the signs

Here are Cua’s predictions for the 12 Chinese animal zodiac signs in the Year of the Water Rabbit. He points out that these are only guides based on the elements, stars, and charts. “We create our own luck,” he declares. “We just have to strive to work hard and persevere because our success rests in our own hands.” 

A detailed version of his predictions may be accessed via his YouTube channel.

Rat: This is a promising time and a year of opportunities for the Rat. Wonderful relationships will be made, but emotions should be kept at bay to avoid a bad or short-lived romance. There will be long-term success when it comes to money, though legal entanglements should be avoided. Being easily irritated will aggravate health concerns.

Ox: The Ox will meet new friends but should get to know them better to avoid being scammed or cheated on. This year the Ox is prone to cheating or involvement in an issue with a third party, so loyalty should play a big part when it comes to love. Finances are seen as stable, but extra attention should be given to health.

Tiger: There will be growth in wealth or money, but the Tiger should be wary of deception. A short-lived romance or an unfaithful partner could pose a problem; to avoid this, loyalty should play a big part. This is also a time to stay focused on self-improvement, to meditate, and to exercise to improve one’s health, especially when it comes to memory.

Rabbit: The Rabbit’s weak determination and low energy this year will affect career and wealth, though fame and recognition may be achieved through perseverance. Developing learning skills will help enhance one’s career. Health should also be given extra attention. The Rabbit is seen as emotional, and is thus prone to misunderstandings and quarrels involving a loved one.

Dragon: This is the Dragon’s recovery year—the best time to achieve goals and face unfinished tasks and plans. But watch out for anger and misunderstandings that could lead to court cases. Exercising and focusing on something inspiring will help dispel weak energy and drive. On love, controlling one’s temper and learning to be more understanding will help sustain relationships.

Excellent energy level

Snake: The energy level of the Snake is excellent this year, with a lot of traveling and exploring that will lead to a good career and many opportunities. Those who are single will meet their soulmate, and those in relationships should make more memories with their significant other. The Snake could be involved in misunderstandings; be wary of court cases. On the health front, get a lot of rest.

Horse: This is a happy and lucky year for the Horse. But watch out for emotional factors that could lead to instability. Expect love celebrations and anniversaries. Regarding money, the Horse should stay focused because the prosperity and money star is strong. Emotional pressure could lead to health concerns. Be mindful.

Goat: The Goat is No. 1 in competitions this year and can increase sales, be good in negotiations and problem-solving, and have good opportunities and support in creating partnerships. But be careful with emotions and watch out for gossip that could lead to strained relationships. The Goat should trust and spend more time with one’s partner. An opportunity could lead to luck in money. Health-wise, the Goat may be accident-prone and suffer from emotional issues.

Monkey: This year will be the Monkey’s chance to recover from last year’s missed opportunities. Expect success in competitions, but avoid excessive expenses that may lead to money problems. Be wary of scammers and opportunists. This is a good year to find a soulmate. Since health is a concern this year, make sure to regularly visit a doctor.

Rooster: This is considered a “clash year” for the Rooster who does not get along well with rabbits. Do not be aggressive; just relax and avoid getting into trouble or misunderstanding. The Rooster’s luck can be improved by prayers, engaging in voluntary work, and sharing blessings. Watch out for high expenses and accidents. Starting a relationship this year should take a backseat. Instead, self-love and taking care of one’s health should be practiced.

Dog: This is a good year for the Dog who is considered the rabbit’s best friend. The opportunity and success stars are strong, which translate to opportunities and blessings. The love star is excellent and happy. The single Dog will be able to find a soulmate, but married couples should watch out for the involvement of a third party. There is also luck in wealth through promotion, salary increase, ability to solve problems in the workplace, and fame and recognition. But stress may weaken one’s health. Make sure to get enough rest and observe a healthy lifestyle.

Pig: The Pig seeking a career boost should socialize and enter collaborations and partnerships. Emotions and temper should be kept in check and arguments avoided. Love life is excellent this year and wealth-wise, there are lots of opportunities for success. But the Pig should always check cholesterol levels and avoid stress and a negative mindset.

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