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Do you see what I see?

For people around the world, Christmas is a season of anticipation, joy, gifts and celebration. For others, it represents a season of loss, loneliness, isolation and sadness. For many others, it’s both. How do you see it? “Do you see what I see?” is a question asked in a popular Christmas carol. It refers to...


Endless want, endless Christmas

The Christmas holiday season in the Philippines starts in earnest after All Souls’ Day. Gift lists are updated, the holiday-party, vacation and reunion schedules finalized.  Weeks prior, the mall and tiangge merchants are already on holiday marketing mode, playing carols to set the mood and reeling in customers with irresistible discount sales. But now is...


Fiesta of all fiestas

There’s no fiesta like Christmas, and it’s aptly called the holiday season—a season that starts as early as the first days of December and extends to the last days of January.  It even spills to mid-February, or up to the so-called “Feast of the Candelaria.”  I know this from my parents, who were conservative Catholics. ...