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Jubilation, relief, and a little disappointment on the West Philippine Sea

Jubilant, relieved, but a bit disappointed at not coming close to Bajo de Masinloc, also known as Panatag (Scarborough) Shoal. That was how some people felt at the end of last week’s small flotilla of the “Atin Ito” coalition that had for its mission to supply food and fuel to fishermen at Bajo de Masinloc...


‘Atin Ito’ heads back; ‘Mission accomplished!’

ABOARD THE FB AGUIAN—With at least three Chinese Coast Guard ships threatening their main convoy of four fishing boats flying Philippine flags, “Atin Ito” leaders decided on Thursday not to pursue its final task of resupplying Filipino fishers at Bajo de Masinloc (also known as Scarborough Shoal and Panatag Shoal).  The seeming premature end of...


Chinese Coast Guard ships dog ‘Atin Ito’ mission

ABOARD THE FB AGUIAN—There’s no “smooth sailing” for the “Atin Ito” (This is Ours) mission voyaging to the West Philippine Sea to fish, bring food and other provisions to Filipino fishers there, or simply be part of a peaceful journey to assert Philippine sovereign rights at Bajo de Masinloc (also known as Scarborough Shoal and...


‘Atin Ito’s’ mission is for Philippine sovereign rights and a rules-based global order

BOTOLAN, Zambales—The fight of Filipinos for their sovereign rights over the West Philippine Sea is intended as much to protect their national interest against China’s encroachments into their exclusive economic zone (EEZ) as it is to help establish an international rules-based order against a superpower bully, the citizens’ coalition “Atin Ito” (This is Ours) declared...


‘Atin Ito’ sets new mission to Scarborough Shoal to assert Filipinos’ fishing rights

Four commercial fishing boats carrying some 200 civilian volunteers, journalists, and observers, and about 100 smaller vessels will head to Bajo de Masinloc (Scarborough Shoal) on May 15 on a three-day mission to assert the Philippines’ fishing rights in the West Philippine Sea.   Leaders of “Atin Ito” (This is Ours), a coalition of social movements,...