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CCP’s ‘Pasinaya’ breaks away from old notions and pandemic isolation

A wristband worth P50 allows a person to experience all the performances, workshops, art exhibits, and film showings being offered on Feb. 3-5 at the “Pasinaya 2023 Open House Festival” of the Cultural Center of the Philippines (CCP).  The festival, now on its 18th year, has “Piglas Sining” as its theme—a breaking free from the...


How ‘pangalay’ brought ‘ginhawa’ and helped me through the pandemic

I found health in conscious breathing and wave-like movements. The Covid-19 pandemic affected all aspects of our lives, not just our physical health. The lockdown and stay-at-home policies closed businesses, cancelled social gatherings, and caused shifts in working and studying setups.  As the pandemic is more than a health crisis, we strived to be well...


Dancing full circle at 80

Dance is history; little is said, but much is understood.  I made history through research, documentation, and publication of the traditional performing arts and related folk artistic expressions of the Sulu Archipelago in the southern Philippines.  To keep a dance tradition alive, it must live in a dancing body. Instinct guided me to nurture “pangalay”—“gift...


The exactness of Agnes

The rehearsal hall turns tense and the dancers stand still as Agnes Locsin critiques their execution of the steps. She slowly rises, touching her abdomen as she points to the exact spot where—and how—they must lift in order to deliver the right intensity and angle that the step requires. It’s clear that she has mastered...


Dancers rebound with Alice Reyes Dance Philippines

Because the dance world operates on rather lean subsidies provided through donations by private entities or local governments, shifts in operations depend highly on socioeconomic situations. The pandemic just about crushed this art form, with theaters and other performance venues closing down, even curtailing dance companies’ additional sustenance from ticket sales, aside from denying dancers...