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Independent media’s critical role in social transformation

Remembering the Edsa people power uprising that toppled Ferdinand Marcos Sr.’s dictatorship 37 years ago—on Feb. 22-25, 1986—must include recognizing how the independent media played a key role in providing facts on the ground, which the people at large used to become proactive in molding their milieu.  Ninoy Aquino’s assassination at the then Manila International...


‘On the Job: The Missing 8’ is not a sequel but an altogether different story

I’ll cut to the chase.  John Arcilla does more than a good job in “On the Job: The Missing 8”; he gives nothing less than a masterclass in acting in the role that’s front and center in a sprawling sociopolitical dramatic thriller about the labyrinthine corruption in Philippine politics and media.  If that sounds like...


Why agree to compromise on award-winning pork barrel series?

Late in 2014, GMA/dzBB broadcaster Melo del Prado filed a libel case against five Philippine Daily Inquirer journalists—myself as then managing editor, then news editor Artemio T. Engracia Jr., then associate editor Abel S. Ulanday, and then reporters Nancy C. Carvajal and Christine O. Avendaño. In his lawsuit, Del Prado tagged three “libelous” Inquirer stories...