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‘Pangalay’ takes young audiences by storm

A traditional dance is a dynamic expression of a people’s history and worldview. Thus, it should be preserved and developed to uphold a people’s rich cultural heritage. “Pangalay,” aka “igal” and “pamansak,” is one such rich dance form of the Sama, the Badjaw, the Tausug, the Jama Mapun and the Yakan of the Sulu Archipelago.  But a...


How ‘pangalay’ brought ‘ginhawa’ and helped me through the pandemic

I found health in conscious breathing and wave-like movements. The Covid-19 pandemic affected all aspects of our lives, not just our physical health. The lockdown and stay-at-home policies closed businesses, cancelled social gatherings, and caused shifts in working and studying setups.  As the pandemic is more than a health crisis, we strived to be well...


Dancing full circle at 80

Dance is history; little is said, but much is understood.  I made history through research, documentation, and publication of the traditional performing arts and related folk artistic expressions of the Sulu Archipelago in the southern Philippines.  To keep a dance tradition alive, it must live in a dancing body. Instinct guided me to nurture “pangalay”—“gift...