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‘Get Out of Jail Free’: How plastics offsetting is giving industry a license to pollute

Unwanted plastic is clogging seas and rivers. A ‘green’ scheme involves burning it to make cement. (Editor’s Note: This story was produced with support from Internews’ Earth Journalism Network for the “It’s a Wash” special report. SourceMaterial, a nonprofit investigative journalism organization, was a partner in the story’s production.) After a gruelling day paddling along...


The Philippines is finally going after plastic producers, but some companies are not cooperating

(First of two parts) Environmental groups in the Philippines have long advocated for a single-use plastics ban, and hundreds of proposed laws and resolutions were filed in Congress in the past decade to support the call. Nothing prospered.  Instead, Congress required the country’s biggest plastic-producing companies to pay to collect and recycle their materials.  The...