14 Filipinos are among Asian Scientist Magazine’s top 100 researchers

Asian Scientist Magazine’s top 100 researchers
Asian Scientist Magazine’s top 100 researchers

Fourteen Filipinos, including CoverStory.ph’s science writer Mario Juan A. Aurelio and environmentalist Anna Oposa, are in Asian Scientist Magazine’s list of top 100 Asian researchers this year. 

The Asian Scientist 100 list “celebrates the success of the region’s best and brightest, highlighting their achievements across a range of scientific disciplines,’’ the magazine said on www.asianscientist.com.

“This year’s list shows the groundbreaking achievements of researchers and industry leaders determined to transform our world—from understanding glacial cycles and structural geology to advancing space exploration,’’ it said.  

Dr. Juliana Chan, the magazine’s CEO and publisher, said in a statement posted on its website: “The honorees featured in this year’s list have worked relentlessly and harnessed science to improve the lives of the people around them and the environment we live in. By highlighting their efforts, we hope to encourage a new generation of young scientists.”

For inclusion in the list, the researcher must have received a national or international prize in the preceding year for his or her research, or alternatively, must have made a significant scientific discovery or provided leadership in the academe or industry.

Asian Scientist Magazine has been compiling a list of the region’s outstanding researchers since 2016.


Aurelio, of the University of the Philippines (UP), was cited for his contributions to structural geology and geodynamics education, for which he received the Gregorio Y. Zara Award for Basic Research by the Philippine Association for the Advancement of Science and Technology.  

He is a prolific researcher in the field of tectonics. 

Oposa is the executive director of Save Philippine Seas. She organized the Save Sharks Network Philippines to push for a roadmap for shark and ray protection in Philippine waters. She was among the recipients of the 2022 TOWNS Award for her work in marine ecology conservation.  

Keisha Alena Mayuga was recognized for her work on transport planning and improvement of mobility in Manila, for which she was named among the 2022 Outstanding Women in the Nation’s Service awardees. 

Pia Bagamasbad, also among the 2022 Outstanding Women awardees and also of UP, was recognized for her work in the national prevention of Covid-19.  

She spearheaded a training program for the SARS-CoV-2, the virus that causes Covid-19, in support of the government’s response to the pandemic.  

Aletta Yñiguez, likewise of UP, won recognition for her work with local communities to advocate sustainable fishing practices. She recently collaborated with the local fishing and agricultural bureau to propose the use of artificial intelligence as an early-warning system for harmful algal blooms. She makes use of underwater cameras, lasers, depth sensors and global positioning devices to gather and process data. 

She was also one of the 2022 Outstanding Women in Nation’s Service awardees. 

Roal R. Suralta of the Philippine Rice Research Institute was cited for his significant contributions to understanding the root science leading to robust high-value crops in the face of climate change. He was a recipient of the Achievement Award at the 2021 National Research Council of the Philippines. 

The other Filipinos on the list are: Beverly Lorraine Ho, for her work on public health; David P. Penaloza Jr., for his contributions to research on polymer chemistry; Joseph Auresenia, for his role in promoting collaboration on biotechnology research; Erika Fille Legara, for her advancing work on data science; Rinlee Butch M. Cervera, for his advancing research on energy storage, Allan Gil S. Fernando, for his contributions to earth and space sciences; Edwin Atabay, for his advancing work on veterinary medicine; and Glenn Banaguas, for his work on evidence-based approach to reduce disaster risk.

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