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Sisterhood produces sculpture of connections

To mark its 90 years as a sorority of empowered women, the University of the Philippines’ Sigma Delta Phi (SDP) pooled its talents and resources in partnering with the state university to bring into sculptural form the characteristics that make the Filipino woman and the connections that she makes possible.  Envisioned as a work by...


Breathing in the great outdoors

Cooped up in our Metro Manila home for three pandemic years, we finally ventured on a getaway trip southward for a much-needed dose of fresh air. Our “rescue” from “Kyusi,” the city, to the province of Quezon was facilitated by my husband Sonny’s Lucena-based sisters (among 13 siblings) spearheaded by Dr. Ceres Romano and Jojie...


Nelia Sancho: the last conversations

Early in August, after watching “Katips: The Movie,” I was reminded of a friend from my days at the University of the Philippines. Nelia Sancho: Yes, the beauty queen and activist. I wondered what her reaction would be to the movie making waves among a woke youth. As August was also her birth month, I thought...