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Artschoolnow Salon: ‘We can salon anywhere with anything’

Tanya Villanueva chose March 8 for the pop-up event of her initiative, Artschoolnow Salon, at the University of the Philippines (UP) Diliman only because she and her associates would all be available on that day. It happened to be International Women’s Day. On the way to UP in her car, we easily settled into a...


Artist researching: Experience curves in Taiwan and Cambodia

A man in his rormork (the traditional and bigger version of the tuk-tuk) hovered near us outside the public market early one rainy October morning. We carried heavy backpacks and he asked in English: Need a ride? We actually did. But we had been accustomed to using the PassApp to book these local taxis. With...


Advocacy merch and the ‘latag’ economy

With the unfolding and evolving drama on Twitter comes the predictable worry that dialogue—whether mindless or profound and operating in so-called real time in a space that one has gotten used to—has been interrupted. For frequent Twitter users, the basic question boils down to this: How can they now make known their thoughts and opinions, as well...


Comics: a cultural tonic

That the medium is the message when it comes to storytelling emphasizes that the vehicle is more important than its passengers. But how we cultivate people to become empathetic to our cause is significant to social transformation.  During the last election campaign, the urgency to reach different publics required creative ways of transmission and communication....