‘Namit!’ highlights the tastes and aromas of Iloilo food

‘Namit!’ highlights the tastes and aromas of Iloilo food
"Tinagbakan nga manok" of Lambunao. —PHOTOS BY BOMBETTE GOLEZ MARIN

There are many reasons to travel to the beautiful province of Iloilo, from its rich history to its food. And adventurous foodies will surely enjoy each town’s traditional cuisine, which will be highlighted in the annual three-day celebration in April called “Namit!” 

April is Filipino Food Month by virtue of Presidential Proclamation No. 469, issued in 2018 for the appreciation and preservation of the Filipino culinary heritage. 

“Namit!” (Hiligaynon word for “yummy”) began as a way for Iloilo to celebrate its food culture and offer the tastes and aromas of its traditional cuisine to locals and visitors alike. Food tourism is robust in the province; foodies devote entire trips to exploring the towns not only for their historical and natural attractions but also, and especially, for their culinary delights. 

Now on its fourth year, “Namit!” will be held on April 22-24 at SM City’s North Point wing fronting Pan de Manila in Iloilo City.

The family-friendly event features a cooking contest and daily cooking demonstrations of local dishes to celebrate each town as well as the unique legacies of the families who prepared them. Visitors may watch a cooking demonstration or take a class and enhance their kitchen skills. They may be introduced to new ingredients, and novel ways to prepare them. 

They must come with a hearty appetite and an expectation of new recipes that they will be excited to try later.

“Ginat-an nga palaypay” of Balasan
“Tinuom nga lahit-lagut” of Calinog (left) and “baguy-baguy of Janiuay

This year, the event will highlight the culinary traditions of Balasan: ginat-an nga palaypay, tambalang nga dahon sang abalong, and adobo nga puyoy (April 22, 1:30 p.m.); of Calinog: pako-pako alad, tinuom nga lagut-lagut, and linabugan nga Bisaya nga manok (April 23, 1:30 p.m.); and of Lambunao: tinagbakan nga Bisaya nga manok, and the cooking contest that will highlight apan-apan and turon (April 24, 1:30 p.m.).

Food is a distinguishing element of Iloilo culture. It is a mix of tangible and intangible elements that contribute to the cultural values of the Ilonggo people.

“Namit! is organized yearly by the Iloilo Provincial Government through the Provincial Culture, Arts, History, and Tourism Office in partnership with the Department of Tourism Region VI, and SM City Iloilo.

Bombette Golez Marin is the provincial tourism officer of Iloilo.

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