SmarTrade marks 5 years of helping Filipinos gain financial independence

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SmarTrade coaches with (front) ATFX CEO for Southeast Asia Jeff Hsu, SmarTrade president and CEO Joyce Mayo, and ATFX vice president for Southeast Asia Norris Li. —CONTRIBUTED PHOTO

Tens of thousands of Filipinos have been provided world-class financial education by a company that, by its very name, promotes e trading as a wise investment opportunity and a way to create another income stream. 

That company, SmarTrade, is marking its fifth anniversary this month. 

Since its foundation in 2017, SmarTrade has been offering free learning sessions and one-on-one coaching, as well as holding roadshows in provinces and cities nationwide, including La Union, Cebu, and Davao.  Even during the pandemic when everything was on lockdown, it continued serving its clients by rolling out online learning sessions.  

SmarTrade has conducted 1,069 in-person learning sessions and 547 webinars for 36,332 participants in 566 locations across the country. 

“We would like to see Filipinos have the financial freedom they deserve,” says Joyce Mayo, president and CEO of SmarTrade.  “Our advocacy is to promote financial literacy and thereby contribute to nation-building, and set many lives for more growth by having an additional income stream through e trading.”

“Our role is to educate and equip Filipinos with the skills they need to make smarter trading decisions. We believe that education is the key when it comes to e trading,” she says.

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Partnership with global broker

Mayo adds that the company has partnered with ATFX, an award-winning global broker, “to make sure that what we teach can be carried out in the most efficient and reliable platform for our clients.” 

Guiding ‘SmarTraders’ in their journey are coaches with years of experience in e trading industry. Among them is Gab Santos, a market analyst with expertise in gold, FX currency and oil, and highly skilled in technical and fundamental analysis.  He won first place at the ATFX Southeast Asia 2021 Trading Competition. 

In line with its goal of taking part in nation-building, SmarTrade conducts yearly relief programs, environmental preservation activities, and social welfare projects. These include coral reef restoration in Panglao, Bohol; coastal clean-up; gift-giving; and Covid and disaster response.  

Like the communities it serves, it also takes care of its internal community, its human resource, by creating a work environment that fosters openness, transparency and empowerment.  Regular mentoring with management and health and wellness activities and seminars are among its programs for its employees. 

The company upholds equal opportunities for everyone with the drive and dedication to succeed in their work, regardless of gender, religion, or being specially abled. It is yet another way for it to contribute to nation-building. 

Says Mayo: “There is more to look forward to as SmarTrade gears up for bigger transformations in the years to come.  SmarTrade will continue to ​​build a fair and transparent trading community and an environment that promotes open opportunities for every learner.” 

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