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In search of beloved ‘desaparecidos’

How does a family mark the birthday of a loved one missing for 16 years, abducted by unidentified men believed to be military or police agents? By strengthening solidarity with other families in the same sorrowful straits.  On April 2, some of these families gathered at the Bantayog ng mga Bayani grounds in Quezon City...


Justin Jones: Black, Filipino, civil rights activist

EDITOR’S NOTE: The Republican-dominated House of Representatives in Tennessee in the United States has expelled two of three Democrat lawmakers who took part in a protest action calling for more gun-control measures a week after a school shooting in Nashville in which six persons, including three children, were killed. One of the two expelled is...


Nelia Sancho: the last conversations

Early in August, after watching “Katips: The Movie,” I was reminded of a friend from my days at the University of the Philippines. Nelia Sancho: Yes, the beauty queen and activist. I wondered what her reaction would be to the movie making waves among a woke youth. As August was also her birth month, I thought...