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Sisterhood produces sculpture of connections

To mark its 90 years as a sorority of empowered women, the University of the Philippines’ Sigma Delta Phi (SDP) pooled its talents and resources in partnering with the state university to bring into sculptural form the characteristics that make the Filipino woman and the connections that she makes possible.  Envisioned as a work by...


Sanso’s Brittany is a show of friendships, gratitude

France’s Brittany has inspired many artists like Paul Gauguin, Macario Vitalis and The Nabis painters, but none could possibly be as inextricably linked to the long, rugged coastline of its northernmost region as Juvenal Sanso.   For Sanso, a world-renowned painter who was born in Spain but made the Philippines his adoptive country, Brittany is more...


CCP’s ‘Pasinaya’ breaks away from old notions and pandemic isolation

A wristband worth P50 allows a person to experience all the performances, workshops, art exhibits, and film showings being offered on Feb. 3-5 at the “Pasinaya 2023 Open House Festival” of the Cultural Center of the Philippines (CCP).  The festival, now on its 18th year, has “Piglas Sining” as its theme—a breaking free from the...


Comics: a cultural tonic

That the medium is the message when it comes to storytelling emphasizes that the vehicle is more important than its passengers. But how we cultivate people to become empathetic to our cause is significant to social transformation.  During the last election campaign, the urgency to reach different publics required creative ways of transmission and communication....