Roblox: Fun e-game for kids, but beware of unwelcome users

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My 8-year-old cousin “Andres” plays Roblox; I do, too. I’m 14 and I’ve been playing the game for a long time with my friends and still enjoy it, although there are some risks of playing online too much.

Andres and I play different genres of video games but we both have fun playing Roblox, proving that it’s good whether you are 8, 14, or even 20 and older.

Roblox is an online platform where users from all over the world can create and play games with friends and family members. Most of its content is “user-generated,” meaning almost everything is made by the community.

The game can be downloaded for free on a computer, smartphone, or tablet. You can also get it on a console, but you have to purchase it from an online store. Users can buy robux (RBX), which is the currency Roblox uses (1 RBX = P1.32), to acquire clothing, accessories and game passes online. 

Since it was released in 2006, Roblox has seen a huge growth in player base. It now has over 230 million registered users. 

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Why is Roblox so popular nowadays? Users can only be limited by their imagination: They can create whatever they want, like their own “avatar” which they can customize to wear the clothes and accessories they purchase. 

Roblox also has many games in its menu and a variety of user-generated content. Some examples of popular games are Adopt Me (72,000 concurrent players) and Blox Fruits (370,000), which appeal to users below 10 years old. Adopt Me has such elements as collecting pets, adopting players, and role playing. Blox Fruits targets users who watch One Piece, one of the most popular anime characters in the world.  

Game creation

The Roblox platform has two apps available for installation—the normal Roblox (white square) for playing games and the Roblox Studio (blue square) for creating games. Although creating games requires hours of studying, it is made easy in Roblox Studio with its coding and stuff. More and more users are now into making games. 

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It is very possible to start a business with Roblox despite its limited options. There are thousands of Roblox YouTubers producing different content. Some focus on tutorials on games, entertaining the audience with their gameplay, or making informative videos. 

Game developers are increasing in number and can earn a lot of money or start a business for games that appeal to players. The undemanding Roblox Studio enables them to create games easier, but it requires much effort to earn cash. 

Security system

Is Roblox a safe platform? Yes and no. Roblox has evolved its security system but it’s not perfect. Encountering inappropriate things in Roblox is very rare, but it can still happen. With the ability of users to talk to each other (a chatroom is allowed only for 12-year-olds and above), unwelcome and older users pretending to belong to the age group can still get in and pose danger to child players. 

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Parents are advised to regularly monitor their playing children to avoid unpleasant situations. Roblox is trying to remove these unwanted users to make the platform a safe environment where everyone from all ages can play and have fun.

Even if he is into Roblox, Andres still prefers to play with his friends in real life. His parents say the game has helped him build his confidence, communicate with real people, and develop good qualities. It also has the same impact on me.

Geean Ehrl Thomas M. Pagaduan is a Grade 8 student and lives with his parents in Marikina City. —Ed.

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